A fuel injection system is used to inject atomized fuel directly into the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine. Nowadays, fuel injection cleaning is a required maintenance service on vehicles. You should consider a fuel injection service when your vehicle is hesitating, having trouble starting, achieving poor gas mileage or operating sluggish with poor performance.

Steps for a proper fuel injector system service:

  • Check fuel pump operating pressure and volume.
  • Test pressure regulator for operation and leakage.
  • Flush entire fuel rail and upper fuel injector screens to include pressure regulator.
  • Clean fuel injectors.
  • Decarbon engine assembly.
  • Clean throttle plate and idle air control (IAC) passages.
  • Check minimum air flow rate and adjust if needed.
  • Relearn onboard computer.
 After this service, your vehicle will achieve optimum fuel efficiency, and it should show signs of a better response and performance